Friday, March 10th, 2017

September Trade updates-

1.NDX  IRON CONDOR – 93% probability - Is doing great and is very safe -time decay is  taking its toll on the spreads.

2. RUT BULL PUT SPREAD – 97% probability  and has more than 30 % profits, and is very safe at the moment. Remember we closed calls side for 0.15 taking profits when RUT dipped ? May add another leg soon to add yields.  

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Markets rallied today to close higher based on GDP reports that came with very good news. The economy grew at the rate of 3.3% for the second quarter! As we noted last, both NDX and RUT moved higher after bouncing off from 50 day and 200 moving averages this week. The volume was a tad on the lighter side because big boys were cruising to Hamptons before the last major Summer holiday. Expect volumes to pick up after Labor day and if we are going to see an explosive market rally. Many stocks are in holding patterns and with great set ups. Notably AAPL, FSLR, LDK, SPWR ,AGU, ABK.  We may add more trades soon. Making 10%-12% returns and locking the gains in our accounts is the strategy for the moment.  All these and newer trades will be posted in the subscribers area.

Please subscribe today  and get on the right side of the markets.


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