Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Short Term Day Trading Stocks Live Online – Dec 30

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11 Responses to “Short Term Day Trading Stocks Live Online – Dec 30”
  1. alizanorrellfht says:

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  2. stlk12 says:

    How do you trade stocks do you just buy in on a company that has a decent gap up?

  3. quenarosima says:

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  4. sgomez858 says:

    More buyers than seller make price go up. More sellers than buyers make price go down. Volume just is a way to judge if the move is “real” or not. There are trades that go a couple hours before the bell and after the bell but don’t trade that period. not too many participants.

  5. romish12 says:

    hey guys i have real question..!!! if the market opens at 9:30 am than how come there is volume before 9:30 am. is market price open at night? how does that work?

  6. romish12 says:

    how does this short stock mean?

  7. romish12 says:

    what makes stock price change?

  8. daytrading101 says:

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    Especially for beginners who need to focus on simple ways to pick good short term hot stocks.

    Besides that I would recommend reading everything about the market in order to understand what makes stocks go up.

  9. sgomez858 says:

    Maybe an hour pre market and thats it really.

  10. braveheart85 says:

    what time do you guys generally start your day? premarket 5am or after?

  11. azhou88 says:

    thank you sgomez858

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