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 Hi my name is Dantanner, and I have been trading options since 1996.  I have created this site for you to learn, enjoy, and prosper. 

I trade options and I try to generate consistent incomes rather than hitting home runs. I use all the known strategies out there, and whatever fits the market conditions at the time. Iron condors, butterflies, ratio spreads, put spreads, calendar spreads  and I use the best vehicles and the top of the line well known stock and indexes like SPX, RUT, NDX. I also use high probability trades, trades that have 90% probability of simply dying and never coming back again.


These are proven option strategies with proven results and work in any type of markets generating consistent income time and again.

Markets never remain the same, but strategies do, and they fit any type of market. Have you been trading alone and not achieving the goals you set? Are you trading when markets are not conducive to trade? Do you know how to minimize risk in all your trades? Do you trade everyday? Here is why you should subscribe.


1.High probability of success with well researched proven trades
2.Lower risk than stock trading or outright options buying
3. State of the art Video Market commentary 4 times a week and timely trade updates
4.Terrific customer service and support
5.Email notifications in your mailbox
6. Additional Speculative day trades and bonus trades as they happen.

Once you become a member you will see how professional traders generate income and have access to all the strategies that are working at the time :

  •  Monthly Income generation without daily monitoring of the markets.
  •  Index Options and Stock options trading without constant worry and stress
  •  You don’t have to trade alone not knowing what will work or what wont work
  •  Feeling in control about your trading plans and achieve your goals.


How much it cost?

A monthly subscription to premium subscribers $49.95 USD.

Here’s What You will Get…

  1. A portfolio of 7 -8 trades using pure income generation strategies.
  2. Timely email updates and trade alerts.
  3. State of the art Video Technical Analysis and Market commentary
  4. Additional Trade Setups and actionable trading ideas in easy video format.
  5. Trade Graphs and Charts with each trade. Simple and easy to use system.
  6. Additional Speculative trades, bonus trades, and special earnings trades etc, etc.


You will also get and benefit…from daily nightly video commentary giving you market direction and set ups ..

1. You will see actual trades and start learnings nuts and bolts of trades.
2. Specific strategies that helps you go along the way and learn- minimizing risk and maximizing profits
3. Learn how to use complex strategies like butterflies, condors and ratio spreads.
4. Learn very simple strategies that will amaze you.
5. You will be nimble and faster, knowing the Technical side of things which is the corner stone of any trading.
6. Learn how to be like an insurance company, collecting premiums ever month.

100% satisfaction guarantee

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