Monday, February 16th, 2015

Slap in the Face Obvious “Secret” Mental Technique for Forex Trading Find out what prevents most people from experiencing consistent profit in Forex trading and what the successful traders know to overcome these obstacles.

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11 Responses to “Slap in the Face Obvious “Secret” Mental Technique for Forex Trading”
  1. blackberryjuice1 says:

    Respect the Game and the Game will respect you.

  2. ragstorichesforex says:

    If that Madoff guy can lose 50 Billion I can most certainly make a million trading Forex. Hey are you trying to sell me something? hahahaha. Hey did you just try to throw some NLP on me?

  3. burnhotburnclean says:

    well said

  4. tradeartist says:

    I would like to have something to sell. And unfortunately I do not know how to use the PNL in other people but it is more valuable for the use in itself to obtain better results in the commerce. It is not so much more money in the commerce of sale of other things, anyway. : -)

  5. junmr2 says:

    hey do u believe in forex robots?


    Viewing v? Deo is really starting to motivate me to start Forex trading, thanks for the information? N.

  7. mrizvi10 says:

    I agree, respect for nature.

  8. joshmohoboob says:

    1. Sell something that is not bad. It is a conflict of interest when I want to help liberate. Their interests are not to help me, they are for me? sell your garbage $ 400 system and then ditch me. If you really want to promote through the compliance rather than misleading backtested have been submitted and forward? test the results of their “system” .2. You do not have? Success, “D” nde est? the test?

  9. AbouArz10450 says:

    Well said!

  10. saifulsyn says:

    good sharing!
    open your mind to “transfer & received” some good information.


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