Thursday, July 14th, 2016

S&P 500 Stock Market Outlook: S&P 500 Worst August Since ’01 Shorting Overbought Indexes (VIDEO) Market Outlook Stock Market Dow Jones S&P 500 Technical Analysis S&P 500 Worst August Since ’01 Monthly Moving Average Analysis & Trends on the S&P 500 (SPX) Bull ETF vs S&P 500 Bear ETF Weekly Trends Risk Management S&P 500 Summer Rally Stalls at Resistance Levels Technical Analysis Index Professional commentary Stock Market Crash Shorting Indexes and Overbought Sectors Stock Trading Free Stock Market Trading Education Chart Training. S&P Banking took us down BKX.X Financials at the bottom and got overbought on a longer term chart. Looks just like the S&P 500 Index, big red distribution bar. Longer term transportation index took a big haircut. What let the market higher is taking it lower. We were overbought on a weekly chart and this is how you start corrections. You can buy bear funds against the reversals to profit from the decline in stocks. There are key strategies you can use to trading intraday and longer-term to hedge against your long positions. We told people about the over bought conditions and how when it’s not right to short. “analysis stock market Stock Market Talk Radio Show Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Free Trial Signup Video Alert Signup http Trading Community (Free to Join)

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2 Responses to “S&P 500 Stock Market Outlook: S&P 500 Worst August Since ’01 Shorting Overbought Indexes (VIDEO)”
  1. OptionsSchool says:

    Solid vid, thanks for sharing

  2. SMFHotStocks says:

    Great commentary and analysis, love how they padded the numbers today.

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