Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

SPNG Stock Trading Chart_ 6/10/2009

The daily chart went to the weight room yesterday, but was back out on the beach today making all the ladies stare… “chart gravity” seems to have no affect on this chart as of late… congrats to all…

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3 Responses to “SPNG Stock Trading Chart_ 6/10/2009”
  1. mitcky says:

    Chart gravity that is….

  2. mitcky says:

    It does now!!…..

  3. mcleanclan says:

    thanks for sharing. i purchased (first) at 2.74¢ (2nd week in May). since have purchased 3 more times. i’m a blessed NEW trader (first funded the account 3rd week in April 2009), so your explanations are very much appreciated. i have been worried that it may simply “tank” and lose all my profits. this makes me think that even with a drop, i am still going to be okay. maybe a sell on some shares for a small profit, but hold others. again, thanks a lot for all the detail.

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