Thursday, November 16th, 2017

SPNG Stock Trading Chart_ 7/31/2009

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5 Responses to “SPNG Stock Trading Chart_ 7/31/2009”
  1. ggborsi1 says:

    Hey ClayTrader I know CFTN gets very little time in the spot light. could you help by featuring it. I think it has a nice 3 mo chart. Thanks Gary

  2. BeaverMonkey says:

    Sounds fine to me too.

  3. jeffwinters says:

    maybe it’s because i’m using my laptop but the volume is so low i can’t hear it. a desktop with amp’d speakers would probably be better

  4. ClayTrader25 says:

    The volume sounds fine to me. Are your speakers and/or computer volume turned up all the way?

  5. cato804 says:

    is there a way you can make ur voice louder so we can hear.

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