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SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook October 11, 2010

This week should be testing ground for the dollar — either continuation and further weakness or a possible reversal in light that the current exchange rates have already priced in the Quantitative Easing 2 and traders may take the time this week to “buy the fact”, as they’ve already sold on the rumor. We won’t know what action the Federal Reserve will take until its announced, but we see a dollar rally, especially at current extreme levels. The market has sold the buck too quickly, and it’s time for a correction, leading into a possible reversal.’Don’t forget, we will be hosting Live! Trading sessions this week. Premium members may access the direct link in the “Members Downloads” section. The room will be open 15 minutes prior to trading. If you’d like a more detailed analysis with potential trade opportunities during our live trading session, please join us in the member’s area.

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