Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

SPX Post Market Technical Analysis Oct. 7, 10

click here — FreeOnlineTradingEducation.com Major Market Correction. Important video. Huge jobs report due out pre-market tomorrow (Friday). Jobless claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week to 445000 hitting their lowest level in almost three months. Mortgage rates fall to record low of 4.27%. Gold drops.


9 Responses to “SPX Post Market Technical Analysis Oct. 7, 10”
  1. zerosum says:

    Relax.. Blood bath not coming yet, they will not let it happen before election. Jobs is a red herring… After elections we can look to short HUGE.. Look at gold though, now that’s about to sell off massive.

  2. ibislee says:

    Real unemployment is 21%. I wouldn’t be surprised if the unemployment comes out to 10% tomorrow.

  3. lilidk6150 says:

    some good looking charts SHI CMED CIDM

  4. xFIRSTMERITx says:

    I actually heard a little fear indicator escalating in you voice! : )

  5. bakabusu4 says:

    super dope video D7! Bearish divergence on momentum, on balance volume, CCI, money flow!!! still short =]

  6. itbwhitey says:

    Des, dont worry.. GOP will take over and then we will have austerity. That will keep our market going up.

    Dont forget QE2:
    1.) it is simply another way to shore up bank reserves in preperation for the second wave of real estate mess, ie commercial real estate

    2.) or Bernanke believes that he is smarter than BOJ during the lost decade and that this time it will work

    Either way we are screwed. Reversal pattern of the year. Your TA vids are awesome btw; FA blows for timing.

  7. FreeTradingVideos says:

    @newbluecobra Great eye…yes indeed.

  8. newbluecobra says:

    looks like negative divergence on the macd!
    hedging with faz

  9. lilidk6150 says:

    thank you . Big BS for tomorrow . We will have head fake . They save energy stocks today . It is all big BS . UNG will go higher tomorrow

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