Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

SPX (S&P 500) Index Options Trading Analysis 1150 Put Options Block Trades on Close SPX (S&P 500) Index Options Trading Analysis 1150 Block Trades. Strength in commodities was largely based on the weakness in the dollar, which sold off on talks about additional quantitative easing. Precious metals (+2.8%), grains (+2.8%), and soft commodities (+1.9%) posted the best gains this session. It was another record setting session for gold and silver, as the continuous gold contract rallied to a new all-time high at $1340.60 per ounce, while the continuous silver contract put in a fresh 30-year high at $22.92 per ounce. December gold rallied for 1.9% to finish at $1340.60 per ounce while December silver settled higher by 3.7% at $22.74 per ounce. Both metals traded to their best levels in the afternoon session and closed just shy of those highs. Talk of more quantitative easing and the dollar’s resulting weakness combined with strength in equities to support oil throughout the session. November crude oil finished higher by 2.2% at $82.82 per barrel. Crude traded to highs at $82.99 per barrel, its best levels in about one month. November natural gas ended higher by 0.5% at $3.74 per MMBtu after it stumbled midmorning. DJ30 +213.62 NASDAQ +57.59 SP500 +25.69 NASDAQ Adv 2143/1.77 bln/487 NYSE Adv/Vol/Dec 2464/826 mln/538. stock charts & market data for SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust. Select Sector SPDRs. SPDR S&P 500 ETF: NYSE:SPY quotes. SPY: Summary for Standard & Poor’s Depositary. Exchange-Traded Funds: SPDR S&P 500 ETF. Is the SPDR S&P 500 a

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4 Responses to “SPX (S&P 500) Index Options Trading Analysis 1150 Put Options Block Trades on Close”
  1. StockMarketFunding says:

    @OptionsSchool thanks for the comment!

  2. StockMarketFunding says:

    @eatfish97 thanks for the comment eatfish97 spx puts were just getting crushed those guys were buying at the lows of the day. Subscribe if you’d like more helpful trading videos.

  3. eatfish97 says:

    Exultant video On S&P Puts

  4. OptionsSchool says:

    They were wrong to buy them and pay up the last time, we’ll see if this group got better entries on their puts!

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