Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Start Selling Stocks

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19 Responses to “Start Selling Stocks”
  1. StockMarketFunding says:

    I like the video, thanks for sharing #UN#

  2. gTradingGroup says:

    Great informative content .. I think the rally will last until next mid week minimum.

    Lets see what happens

  3. Benjaminei says:

    Nice work as always. I hope this time DJI will lose even more points than before.

  4. PSAadmin says:

    @19870817 yes, the idea that the slow stochastic at the 20 line = a “buy”, is a common misunderstanding.

  5. 19870817 says:

    Great work, Christian.
    I think your analysis saved a lot of investors today because some investors tried to turn into bulls for slow stochastics showing buy signals.

  6. aslkfja says:

    Can anyone explain to me why there is often a rally after bad news, so bad news seems not so bad after all? Sometimes the bad news is completely compensated within a few minutes considering the rally shortly after.
    You simply have to cover your short positions shortly after the bad news hits the market and go short again after this rally subsides, but that is more like daytrading.

  7. rockerme4u says:

    Hello Christian, left good vibes for your great work.
    But the other day it rejected the post.
    Comment Aproval needed is what it said, or something like that
    Just to let you know.
    Keep up the great work

  8. cosmicguerilla1 says:

    short this sucker now or you’ll miss de boat man !

  9. rpur441044 says:

    The 10yr T Note @ 2.63% shows you there is a problem.

  10. martialarm says:

    Do you follow EWI or incorporate their thinking in your ideas?

  11. dlee07 says:

    what happened with qqqq in AH? Down 31 cents
    good Job Christian btw

  12. terminator007007 says:

    mAybe…but its Options X this week and those puts have to expire worthless Friday. I wouldnt fight the PPT until AFTER this week.

  13. c007dude says:

    Nice work Christian! Your videos are extremely helpful.

  14. SGDeGalvez says:

    just a bit more rally to then double up on DXD!!

  15. roumenifnatoff says:

    I have been watching your videos for a month now without having a subscription and I am glad I did not got hit whit a stick or a brick.I have found that your job got deep in what every one call an investor psychology.I really enjoy it and I want to congratulate you for a AWESOME work that you did.I enjoy your analyzes every evening,and I hope you’ll continue doing so.God Bless and a god one to you!!!

  16. BestTrades says:

    Something wicked is around the corner. Just hope it’s not too disruptive.

  17. garykofoid says:

    great video

  18. garykofoid says:

    I sure like the easy explainations you have for these videos. It’s something that I couldn’t spot but once you point it out it’s easy to see.

  19. nocsm1 says:

    Hey everyone don’t forget to rate the videos. It will only help the channel, it will give Christian feedback and help spread the word to other people on YouTube!

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