Monday, October 17th, 2016

Stock gap up – a follow through day?

There was a rally on Monday and the marker rested on Tuesday and today the market gaps open heavily on the upside. All the stocks gap up likewise. Its a work of professionals. They are jockeying this beast to heavens, Last week it was being pummeled to death and this week everything is hunky dory? I mean if you have been in this game for sometime like I am , how long it takes to recognize the same moves and unravel the same tactics? I got to be really stupid not to see these moves. Well most people don’t see these move either, but its all in the experience you have. When it comes to stocks experience counts, just like any other venture. Take a look at this quick short video.

If we finish here at these levels or higher barring any take down at close this will be a Follow Through day as IBD’s William O Neil calls it his book How to trade stocks. A Follow through day is essential for a sustained market rally and it usually signals a bull market of bullish run. Not all of these days results in bull markets about 20% of time failures occur. So watch out for heavier than usual volumes.

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2 Responses to “Stock gap up – a follow through day?”
  1. what kind of tool is this ?
    well, you have suggested a nice move here.


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