Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Stock Ghyll Force in flood

A short film of the waterfall above Ambleside in the Lake District. Several days of rain and a stormy 24 hour period of continuous heavy rain (over 100mm) left much of Cumbria under water. The small town of Ambleside was cut off by flood water on local roads.


14 Responses to “Stock Ghyll Force in flood”
  1. experimentalists says:


  2. paulcarus says:

    Cool, Hopefully it will clean out the creek of trees and all that construction debris that was in their a few years back. I used to like that kayak run, good times

  3. chrisnewcastle61 says:

    Amazing video… was visiting this last weekend, and it was all very benign, much like the “normal” photos you can find online. This just goes to show how the power of nature in the raw. Living near Morpeth which had its own problems a year before, I have sympathy with the residents.

  4. ryannugent10 says:


  5. cariad1973 says:

    Amazing, really beautiful – sparing a thought for all those people who lost homes, (and the family who lost a loved one) as a result though

  6. theshyguitarist says:

    Wow….someone call Al Gore real quick. He needs to turn on that global warming he keeps forcing down our throats. All this cold weather and rain….

  7. coppull says:

    Great video–it really shows the power of the Cumbria floods.

  8. A1mz0 says:

    that is crazy, i was there 2 weeks ago, and have even seen it after heavy rain but nothing like this….

  9. 583549 says:

    good vid looks amazing

  10. LeamingtonSteve says:

    has it been raining?

  11. bridgehousegrasmere says:

    Very good video, especially of the bridge. More rain in the next few days too!

  12. ROBL250 says:

    Great Video, I was wondering what some of the Falls would be looking like after todays rainfall event.

  13. binaryaxis says:

    Now that’s impressive! I remember walking across that footbridge only a matter of months ago!!!

  14. waterlooroad69 says:

    that is unbelievable…ive been keeping track of local flooding on the news….its so scary…especially for those in Cockermouth tonight being rescued in RAF helicoptors

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