Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Stock Market Analysis Of S&P 500 For July 26 2010 Hi my fellow stock trading masters. We might be at the start of another strong bull rally. Come again? What MaryJane am I smoking to say that with so many people being without a job, banks being closed down, and home building taking a double decline to the downside? Great question. It does look ridiculous if you are a one-dimensional creature living in the here and now. But you are bigger than that. You were created the capacity to envision yourself trading in the future. That higher level of thinking is something that makes you different from other animals and living organisms that can merely live in the present. While I confess it’s not as great as Stephen Hawking time travel, it is capable of making you a huge amount of cash. One of the most tricky lessons for newbie investors to grab is that the stock market is the future of economy anywhere from 4 to 9 months. In other terminology, all the price action taking place on the stock market today is a bet on the place we imagine the economy will be 9 months from now. The stock market is yelling at us that in 9 months from the present, the unemployment rate will be lower, banks will no longer be failing, and housing construction will go back up. The earnings season we just finished confirmed that with 71 % of all corporations posting earnings increases from the second quarter of 2009. Last week I talked regarding how, with the downtrend channel breakout, we don’t know what new channel or chart


6 Responses to “Stock Market Analysis Of S&P 500 For July 26 2010”
  1. Mustafoinc says:

    Very very nice. Thanks.

  2. wizardofounce says:

    Possible cup and handle forming in the dollar charts going back to Mar 09.
    If the dollar firms up and heads back to the 87-88 range…well I think we can all figure out which way the S&P will be going.

  3. StockTradingMaster says:

    @rpur441044 That ain’t gonna happen my friend. You missed the drama video I posted several weeks ago about technical analysts who cheat by changing their trend lines. I don’t change my trend lines. If I’m wrong, I admit I’m wrong but I don’t go and back date my trend lines. Now, with that said, where I drew the trend line has more points of contact than the June high, count them. Also, I’m delightfully pleased that my original trend line perfectly incorporates the breakout retrace and bounce.

  4. rpur441044 says:

    Run your top trend line off the may high across the top june high.

  5. soonermurph says:

    Thanks for the info!


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