Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Stock Market Crash 2010

Here is a quick video on the crash from my desk. Dow dropped 900 points Intraday.

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2 Responses to “Stock Market Crash 2010”
  1. John Van Deusen says:

    Very informative! It’s great to have an expert explain things with an alternative view to, “More tax cuts for corporations and less regulation”. I feel empowered having this information.

    A comment on how the drop might have been orchestrated. Sometimes on a “candle” chart there are trades that are really anomalous, like 40 points lower on a $60 stock. I found out that the “big banks” can sell to each other at these prices for whatever reason, and these prices are never really available to normal people. Of course, if a group of them continue to sell back and forth to each other, at a really low price for example, they might be able to manipulate the market. This has got to be an abuse of something or at least illegal.

  2. Very handy place of duty. Bookmarked. Credit on behalf of it!

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