Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Stock Market Crash 2010 ?

Is this stock market crash of 2010? Looks like it is the way BIG BOYS on Wall Street are orchestrating this. This is a mini controlled crash, a crash where the participants are in control and they know when to stop the ball rolling. Right now they are stomping the market with both feet and turning the pavement crimson red, the same color my monitor has turned these days. I hardly find green color on it or whatever  left of it.

Anyways here is some sobering Technical analysis and lets look at some charts:


In the backdrop of stronger than expected fundamentals, great earnings from leading stocks like AAPL, GOOG, GS, GE, UPS, CSCO, JNJ, MCD and many others, a recovering economy with 5.7% rise in GDP, this market has taken a severe beating unseen since the days of Bush & Cheney back in 2008.

Let me remind you this all started the day Obama whipped Wall Street on Goldman Sachs earning’s day. That was like slaying the Vampire at midnight. You know how strong a vampire is at midnight ?  That was a poor choice in retrospect. Since than the selling has never stopped. We saw 2-3 days of up moves creating whats known as ” Bear Flags” and than  brutal plunges. February started with a rally giving hope and it just created  a trap for bulls taking mom and pop traders in the riptide. Than on some excuse the market takes a huge plunge with increasing amount of institutional selling, jabbing red candles all over the screens. Sovereign debt in Greece ? Is that the rationalization given to hide the anger brewing behind Oak paneled offices of these Fat Cat Bankers whose vagrant and risky trading habits may soon be history ? If you were a trader and somebody told you half your trading is prohibited in the name of whatever, wouldn’t you be angry and kicking the dog in the house ? Think of it. This is what this amounts to.

The fundamentals of this crash are fine. Improving economy, 70% earnings from S&P companies better than expected and yet the SPX is down nearly 7% from the top? Come on you know those rationalizations spewed on the air are weak, and hardly printable on the paper posted. We really have to look deeper and investigate the truth. Truth is hard to find when you look for it, but it sooner or later  finds you in the end doesn’t it ?

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