Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Stock Market Crash Analysis

This is the post crash analysis. Its not over till its over.

The market is gyrating with high readings on $VIX and spooking investors all over. Wall Street is bracing for the biggest financial reform since 1930s and the battle is being fought on the Senate Floor for its quick passage. Obama administration is trying to teach Wall Street a lesson in ethics and responsibility which they (never had to begin with). As such seething anger and a foul mood is pouring into the charts. Fat Cat bankers in oak paneled offices are pounding their desks like mad men in dead end jail cells.

On the other hand, US economy is at its best since 2008. Economy grew at 3.2% last quarter, and April’s job report added 290,000 jobs to the payroll, making this the highest month to date. Lots of people were able to find work in the US, and the President took to the South Lawn briefing, and spoke to the nation. Things couldn’t be better than we had in last 2 years. The picture is not all rosy, but its very optimistic at this point. The stock market knows this, and knows this real well.

Meanwhile Wall Street is tearing the charts down, with big red huge candles and selling every stock off into the sunset. Why ? To create fear and panic, the age old tool that has been used to extract money from you and me. Here is the video analysis:

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