Monday, April 25th, 2016

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6 Responses to “Stock Market Decline S&P 500 Dow Jones Nasdaq Summer Rally Over”
  1. OptionsSchool says:

    @c007dude Employer plans…employer rules. I used to work for a 401k company and I saw a few plans like Univ of MI where they wouldn’t let you take out or rollover your 401k until your were both 59.5 and separated from service. At the end of the day the government and the employers think its their money and not yours.

  2. OptionsSchool says:

    @bmerritt100 That’s great to hear merritt, we’re always really happy to hear when people can benefit from our analysis. We all are afforded the same opportunities and some times people don’t see staying out of the market as an “opportunity”

  3. StockMarketFunding says:

    @bmerritt100 We’re glad you could benefit from the analysis! It’s always nice to be on easy street when the Dow Jones is down over 250 points because you stayed out of the way.

  4. rllang01 says:

    I tried to cash out of my 401K today but my company said “not until Jan/11”. So I transfered all funds ( elections) into a bond. I can only hope the damage wont be too bad…

  5. c007dude says:

    Nice work sir.This is very helpful info.

  6. bmerritt100 says:

    I’m a subscriber and love your stuff. Thanks in part to SMF, I haven’t gotten hurt though all of this. Thanks for the education guys!

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