Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Stock Market Investing Tips : Online Stock Trading Advice

When looking for an online trading broker, be sure to compare how much the cost per trade is and the charge per lot. Find an online trading company, but always read the restrictions before signing up with them, with tips from a futures and options floor trader in this free video on investing. Expert: Mark Griffith Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange). Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky

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14 Responses to “Stock Market Investing Tips : Online Stock Trading Advice”
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  5. mblack977 says:

    Good advice – Very straight forward information about how to set up and trade online.

  6. ffsear12 says:

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  14. thoemke2010 says:

    Thank you very much for making this video, im a junior student at my highschool and ive become very interested in the stock market thanks to my economics class.

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