Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Stock Market Prediction Before The Biggest Drop In the History of the DJIA Dow Jones Stock Market Prediction Before The Biggest Drop In the History of the Dow Jones Industrial Average SMF told people on 4 to expect a 6-10% stock market decline. Stock market trends and charts indicate we’re do for a 10% market correction in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq Composite Index, and the S&P 500 Index. We highlight stock market training on this video on how the VIX.X has hit historical lows on light volume stock market rallies. We saw the following “flash crash” within 2 weeks of this stock training video. Our analysis is correct and we’re seeing increased high-frequency trading on the majority of ECN’s and nasdaq markets as prices become more volatile.


9 Responses to “Stock Market Prediction Before The Biggest Drop In the History of the DJIA Dow Jones”
  1. U1T001 says:

    RE: ‘… when you do the right analysis …’

    Maybe you mean the technical analysis, but this flash crash is due to the machine traded ETFs, and this is not evident from the technical analysis here. Nothing in the technical analysis on this chart shows at this point that a machine algorithm will be launched to do irresponsible (in terms of the volatility & vulnerability of the market) generation of sales orders.
    As for the ETFs of the derivatives themselves – this is not subject to any comments.

  2. eatfish97 says:

    Great video we are in in the middle of A long slide down thanks

  3. StockMarketFunding says:

    @irkanu Well when you do the right analysis and get short there is NO FEAR, thanks for the comment irkanu!

  4. irkanu says:

    there iSNT NO fear, everything is hunky dory, wow

  5. StockTradingMaster says:

    Hi #UN#, I like your channel and vids

  6. dave997 says:

    the decay on these things is ungodly, u gotta be in it for a max of like 2 days and definatly take ur loss if u have one and it starts going against u

  7. OptionsSchool says:

    Solid prediction, keep up the solid stock market commentary!

  8. obixango says:

    Hey, guess what I have a new video, come check me

  9. TheSMFTRADER says:

    These were Mario’s words 2 days before the bull had cardiac arrest. I’d like to see all the critical a-holes who are doubting Mario to read this below.

    “”sell the bull, because its too overbought. its unsustainable.
    gap down is not artificial, market knows how to balance itself.
    it is a mechanism. A mathematical machine.
    Bull didn’t poop, belly is so fat. Bull is too bloated.
    -we will see a distribution.
    keep stop market orders tight.”

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