Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Stock Market Rallies higher

All bad markets are followed by good markets, time and again. It can be the end of it if they didn’t. Those tall beautiful skyscrapers in lower Manhattan with people bustling in and out with massive lobbies and gold plated handles would be empty. The stock market is what pays for that lifestyle of power and wealth, and who would wanna leave that to the beaver? Not a freaking chance.

There is no way in hell those gold plated handles would be rusted out and weeds would grow in those kind of places. The whole economy of New York would collapse. Bad markets are designed to scare you out of your wits and capitulate and take your money. Once you lost it you wont be back in the game. So therefore as long as you can try to be in the game.

On Friday the November 16 the SPX reversed with big hammer on the charts. Monday we went wild with huge rally and Tuesday and Wednesday the market consolidated a bit. Than came Black Friday and the market put in a good sized rally called the Follow Through Day as declared by the renowned stock market bell weather IBD. Here is a daily recap video:

This is important, it signals a fresh uptrend in the market. Not all follow through days succeed and an uptrend may fall apart, but your chances are much better trading long after that day.

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