Monday, October 17th, 2016

Stock Market Technical Analysis – 24th January 2011 Our daily update on the stock market on intraday charts. We have also included relative strength comparison against gold and silver that can help you choose the right market to trade. Finally we have analyzedt he stock FFIV after a member wanted to hear how we would apply our rules to that particular stock. Visit our website http for more free educational material including our popular FREE eBook.


4 Responses to “Stock Market Technical Analysis – 24th January 2011”
  1. StockTradingMaster says:

    Thumbs up for the effort you put in to produce this video

  2. StockMarketStrategy says:

    @Altamonte104 I am glad to hear you got the idea of how strong the Relative Strength “indicator” is. I prefer using tools that I can understand the theory behind and in this case it makes completely sense. I will try to point out the RS out in the future videos.

  3. Altamonte104 says:

    Watched RS video after this one .. super explantion and the relationship to the stock is very valuable. Please continue to point it out on the reviews. Thank you!

  4. Altamonte104 says:

    Thanks for looking at FFIV. Your point on any price rebound from the gap-covering low being perhaps slow is appreciated particularly. I’ll also be giving more weight to RS in my analysis (along with price and volume.) Again, thank you!

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