Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Stock Market Technical Analysis-Volume Will Tell You Secrets

Trading volume is defined as the n? Number of shares or contracts traded during a given per? Period, for a value or a complete change. This is an indication? N of inter? S investors have a certain value at its current price. The volume is the best measure of supply and demand. It measures the intensity of buying and selling pressure? N. Properly an? Analysis of volume will allow? know which one? nt convictions? n and enthusiasm behind it? s of a price movement. The larger the volume, the greater the importance of price movement. This is the key to winning consistently in the market, an? Analysis and comprehension? N t stock market? Technicians. During a normal and healthy upward trend, the volume increases when prices est? N rise. Volume then disappears when prices are correct or down. When this pattern? No volume change is a warning of a possible INVESTMENT? N of the trend, even before it is put out. Once you recognize details like this, you est? in the way of trade competition. Signs or evidence offered by the volume of shares traded is of great importance. Large institutions like mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds represent approximately 75% of all commercial activity in the stock market. Trading volume of these large institutions are the fuel behind? S for most? To advances in prices. If a population? N usually trades 300,000 shares to d? A suddenly trades 2,000,000 shares, and closes the day with a significant price hike, you know this population? N est? under the accumulation? n grand. A change in the volume is a will? To to be alert. Something out of the com? N est? happening. The din? Mica est? changing. Perhaps the large institutions to initiate a phase of accumulation? Not distribution? N. Savvy traders ride the coattails of the great institutions. They do not fight them. This is v? Lido for action? No individual or the market as a whole. This is a key factor in an? Analysis of the stock market t? Technicians. There are many different scenarios where the amount you give? a valuable clue to save?, or make you a mont? No money. A good example be? A, large volume, but the price of stock positions, and will not go to make new m? Ximos. There is a very good chance of this population? N has passed out, and should be monitored closely. The volume is a factor cr? Tico. While one can interpret the action? No volume, you est? well on its way to the possibility of making a fortune in the stock market. My pr? Maximum art? On an ass? Lysis t? Technician of the stock market be? about support and resistance.

About the author: Hi, Gary E Kerkow, founder of Tradingmarkets4u. com. This site provides information? N to help traders and investors have? Success. I have m? S of 20 years of business experience including stocks, futures and options. I implement the strategies, the m? All and psychology? To the world’s best traders and investors. This includes Jesse Livermore, William J. O’Neil et al. Visit my website at http://www. tradingmarkets4u. com

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  1. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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