Thursday, December 24th, 2015

Stock Market Trading and Analysis for 08/30/2010

This special video is probably one of the single most important lessons that can be shared with a Novice Trader trying to reach a professional level of thinking and approach to today’s volatile markets! These lessons shown here are rhe same that Robert teaches and uses in his actual Live Trading Room as he trades right on the screen in front of you! So as we can see, it truly has already been another great start to a weekfilled with great learning and trading opportunities! Given these critical times in our market, here are more tools, techniques, and great learning opportunities for people to grow as traders and investors and navigate these rotational market periods! The latest analysis and the incredible live trading experience with real money, no simulators or hypothetical results is now available to learn from at! Go to to learn more on this incredible learning opportunity! This video series is geared towards Investors, Swing Traders, and ultimately Day Traders who want to be armed with key observations for the upcoming major market move that will be happening shortly! Remember: You will consistently hear me reference previous videos during my nightly presentation. That’s because each new video builds upon the last as we demonstrate real world trading and investment analysis. Take the time to review all of our videos to expand your market awareness! You’re welcome to subscribe to our videos to keep up to date on the latest


12 Responses to “Stock Market Trading and Analysis for 08/30/2010”
  1. lilliejj says:

    This is a great video. Having confidence that a good setup is coming makes it possible to forego adrenilin trading and wait for the right setup. Thanks and keep up the GREAT work. JJ

  2. wealthmaster98 says:

    Rob…this is a great reminder of where I was 2 years ago. Its very important to have the patients to stay out of trades and walk away. Its hard to do, but if I want to be like you as a professional trader its a MUST LESSON TO LEARN.

  3. dopii2 says:

    Thanks for that great lesson Robert

  4. Egodbold1 says:

    Great video Rob. Thanks again !!!

  5. simongopal says:

    This is another good learning point – matching news with price action expectation on big picture view. Very very important to be on the right side of the trade to make consistent profits (which Robert you have excelled all our expectations). THANK YOU Simon :-)

  6. Awildwildworld says:

    a good trader askchrishetrades referred me to you, said good things about you

  7. geedeal says:

    one smarter profecional trader I have seen thanks robert I hope I keep learninh from you.

  8. Fbolwell says:

    Always keeping us on the cutting edge. This man is brilliant!!


  9. fboy1987 says:

    Thanks again Rob. Making sure we know what’s important to watch out for. Patience, patience, patience. Thus endeth the lesson from Pikeus Maximus.

  10. UpTick21 says:

    Great job Robert. Love your vids.

    Best Regards,
    Angel 0:-)

  11. MykeFX says:

    Helping me a lot in my “Mental Game”, patience and professionalism. Last week was a good one for learning! Looking forward to next week!! Thanks Robert!

  12. sjorlo says:

    Thanks again Robert for taking the time to show us another very important lesson!

    And way to go with your outstanding winning year so far! Totally and completely awesome! Huge Congrats Robert!!!!!!

    Thank you again!!

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