Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Stock Market Trends for 2009

Andy Emerson and Mike Swanson of discuss the big long-term trends of the stock market and how to profit from them. Interestingly some of the people who were big in commodities in the 1970’s such as Jim Rogers are getting big again. Oil, gold have been big plays for us this decade. If things follow suit after this bear market they will get big again. For more with stock trading lesssons and weekly commentary subscribe to the free WSW weekly newsletter at


3 Responses to “Stock Market Trends for 2009”
  1. 1120ok says:

    Always nice to get your insight.

  2. Rhodeislander says:

    Nice job guys. Thanks

  3. sal22mazzo says:

    AAAAHH! I can’t wait for the follow up!

    How to decide which sector will lead us out, that is something i’m really looking forward to.

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