Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Stock Market Tutorial #2 “How to buy stocks”

My financial website is; A how to for buying and selling stocks and other financial considerations. Remember there are many alternatives to stocks such as real estate, website income, Forex and precious metals trading, currencies and just the things you enjoy. “stock market advice” “stock trading” “financial advice” tips best most popular


25 Responses to “Stock Market Tutorial #2 “How to buy stocks””
  1. valarmanwe says:

    @dhoombhoom There is a site where one can learn about what to look for in a company to gague it`s success and likely future performance. Google “NAZDAQ Dozen.”

  2. Mystockschat says:

    Visit and join Mystockschat.comm for FREE and LIVE stock chat with other good investors.

  3. marisseredblossom says:

    you’re great!:) You have your own site too πŸ˜€ Thanks!

  4. Featureman says:

    @marisseredblossom I have at least ten videos about the market here. They are all at my site ezfinancialtutorials. There is a link under the video. Thanks.

  5. marisseredblossom says:

    @Featureman Hope you would have more of your own wise tips about the stockmarket and stocktrading here!:) I’ll keep on checking πŸ˜€

  6. Featureman says:

    @dhoombhoom I would recommend going to any financial site such as Yahoo Finance or Google Finance and pick out some companies you want to research such as McDonald’s or Ford or General Electric and study every bit of information about those companies. You can find the symbol for a company at those sites such as PEP for pepsi andPBY for Pep Boys and PBI for Pitney Bowes. I especially look at volume and P/E and dividend, but study everything. Thanks.

  7. dhoombhoom says:

    many thanks for posting these videos….can u recommend some readings available on internet for how to read financial of a company…i mean what information in company financial(balance sheet) one should study..

  8. Featureman says:

    @NoCrispin There are many millions of people who are invested in the stock market. The earnings for pension funds and insurance funds and foundations are ofyen in stock investments. The average income for stock investors usually in greater than bank returns although recent years have been less glamorous for stocks.

  9. Featureman says:

    @NoCrispin You are welcome.

  10. NoCrispin says:

    Oh and thanks a lot for posting these videos. I’m slowly watching them one by one.

  11. NoCrispin says:

    How come not more people play the stock market? Is it hard to beat a bank’s interest rate on a savings account, say 2%?

  12. Featureman says:

    @marisseredblossom Thank you very much.

  13. marisseredblossom says:


  14. Featureman says:

    @itslilColin Thank you so much for watching.

  15. itslilColin says:

    you are very knowlegded, thank you for sharing this info, kind sir.

  16. Featureman says:

    @tarek943 To trade online you need an account with a brokerage firm. You sign in with your password and you can buy or sell according to how much you have deposited in your account. Each broker has similar ways of trading online, but with different looking websites. You cannot buy with a credit card. Thanks.

  17. tarek943 says:

    how do u do so online?

  18. Featureman says:

    @TheSunIsBlack You are welcome.Thanks.

  19. TheSunIsBlack says:

    plain talking i appreciate this–speaking as a a newbie thanx

  20. Featureman says:

    @Surfwtw I am as baffled as you are by the drop in the price. SKX is up after hours by a small amount so it should be up today but not by as great a percentage as the drop. I found only good news for the company. Thanks. I think it looks like a buy or hold here.

  21. Surfwtw says:

    I currently have some shares in Skechers SKX. Today August 9th it dropped by 9% but I couldn’t find any news that would have caused this. Do you have any ideas of what could cause a stock to dropped by that much without any bad news? Also, today was an overall positive day for the market so I don’t think it was just the overall trend.

  22. Featureman says:

    @TGzAce They both look good and have excellent dividends. I know there was bad news for PG a few days ago, but it is a solid old line company which will grow every year. The prices are higher per share than I usually would want to pay, but they have tremendous volume. I think they should be buys at their current prices. Good luck.

  23. TGzAce says:

    I invested in KMB and am thinking about buying PG. What do you think?

  24. Featureman says:

    @TheChacko123 You are very welcome.

  25. TheChacko123 says:

    very informative. thank you very much

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