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Stock Market Wisdom-learning to Trade Like The Legends, Part 10

I thought I would conclude this series of learning with wisdom? To the stock market operator m? S greatest of all time, Jesse Livermore. I have it? Do, “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”, many times. Much of the excellent trading skills that I will share with you, this book is cl? Physical. What it is happening in the stock market now, it has happened in the past and succeed? in the future. Always seek the repetitions, and the same type of behavior in the market. History always repeats itself in the stock market. The desire for action? N constant, even in unfavorable market conditions, is responsible for many p? Losses. The biggest battle to win in the stock market is the struggle against the enemies within us. That is human nature. Never argue with the market. The market is much more? S larger than any of us. Always be in Sync? A market with the flow. You must believe in yourself, and your own trial. Advice and opinions of others are? S are dangerous, financially. Implement a system based on the study and experience. Do not gamble. If a population? N not act? A well, do not buy it. The way to make money is to properly evaluate the conditions. Plan accordingly, and then act. Do not sell an accident? N est? doing well and they are up n anticipation of an allergic reaction n. . The reaction? N can not occur. The money is not made in the individual fluctuations. It is produced in large movements, which take time. Having reason? N and be quiet. Buy the best stocks in a bull market. ? Out off all their shares when market conditions begin to recede to a possible bear market. Never buy cheap stocks. They are cheap for good reason? N. A large amount of money lost this way. The actions are never too high to buy, or too low to sell. Much depends on your time. Always buy at the right time. Study your mistakes and learn from them. Look straight ahead and follow a plan of negotiation? N clear. A small-p? Loss not bother you. Look at the market. Determine the direction? No trend. Go with the trend. When prices est? N in a narrow range, wait until it breaks this price range through? S in any direction? N. A continuation? No, go with the flow. When you buy stocks, it is better to pay a higher price. Always build up their actions in a population? N on the rise in the price, not on the way down in price. “Hope you har? lose money, and “fear” you save? make a mont? No money. Sell what shows p? Loss and keep what shows a profit. When l? Leaders of the stock market go down several points from his superior, and not return, this is an indication of a general shift in the market as possible. Do not try to sell at the top, or buy at the bottom. You pay? well for both patience and be right. Har greed? people to take advice. It is a fallacy that an accident? No, once the sale on 100 now is a good deal at 50, let alone 20. Never buy at the bottom, and you should always sell too soon. An education? No proper stock market is as a teachable dence of medicine. Take? many years of learning. Observation? No, experience, memory and mathematical? Policies. A businessman? Success that depend on them. S? The trade when the odds or probabilities est? Na its favor. If your business is trading, you must study. Do not go against the movement of industry groups in the stock market. Do not buy an action? N does not follow the l? Der of the group. The chart note? when something is? wrong in the stock market. S? You go long in a market moving, ys? As revealed in a declining market. In the stock market, its ally m? S strengths are the conditions. Knowledge is power and power is not necessary that the fear is. Lim? Tese to the facts, and not worry about what people think of dem? S. Learning from the experience of dem? S. Study psychology? A suitable trade. It is very valuable. People follow? making the same mistakes in the future as they have in the past. The bed that you keep trying? to get something for nothing. You must adapt to changing conditions. Do not be afraid, but not reckless. Do not blame others for their own failures. Stocks are manipulated to price m? S highest possible, by the powers to be, and then sold to a p? PUBLIC cr? Module on the way down. Qu? Date to the teachings? Knock, experience and common sense? N. General wisdom? A less valuable than comprehension? N specs? Chart. If you lose your temper, you are finished as a trader in the markets. m enemies? s dangerous The speculative trader or are ignorance, fear, greed and hope. It is so important to know what? not do, as knowing what to do. In a major bull market, the p? Public in the first place makes money, then lost, by an excess of keeping the bull market. P? PUBLIC likes to say. This makes a point of giving a com occurrence? N. The market usually looks ahead 6-9 months ahead of current conditions. No need to know the reason? N for which advance in stock prices. While still moving up, with the reactions s? As small as natural, it’s a safe bet to stay with her. If after? S of a long and steady uptrend in the price, an accident? N turns and slowly starts to fall, with meetings small as s? The occasional, the trend is est? investing, and it’s time to sell their shares. You just read many of the secrets of true market values of Jesse Livermore. Learn and implement their own trading. You can? To make a fortune with this wisdom? A stock market.

About the author: Hi, Gary E Kerkow, founder of Tradingmarkets4u. com. This site provides information? N to help traders and investors have? Success. I have m? S of 20 years of business experience including stocks, futures and options. Visit my website at http://www. tradingmarkets4u. com

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