Friday, February 23rd, 2018

STOCK TRADING 101: Understanding the basic order types for trading stock

Carlyle Gordon goes through a quick and simple explanation of some of the most common order types. Market, Limit, Short, Stop and Time in Force(IOC,GTC,FOK). Production Data: 03:28:10:09:35:888(+November change)

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13 Responses to “STOCK TRADING 101: Understanding the basic order types for trading stock”
  1. FIXProtocol says:

    @GlobalInvestOne Thank you very much sir. I’m hoping to have a new Options video soon. Stay tuned and thanks for watching!

  2. GlobalInvestOne says:

    Carlyle Gordon,

    Excellent explanation, Very informative. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. FIXProtocol says:

    Thank you sir. Yes…more is on the way!

  4. fzan786 says:

    Awesome video! Good explanation!! Keep it coming

  5. FIXProtocol says:

    I’ve seen a few GTC disasters occur on the support desk. Nothing too major, but a problem none the less. There can also be technical issues that are caused by having an old order hanging around.

  6. caLLLendar says:

    Great video!

    IIRC, the “Good til Canceled” orders have a 30 day limit (in the brokers I’ve used). It’s not very ‘dangerous’ if you put a limit on the execution price. I tend to use them to say “sell this stock if it goes over this price (good til canceled)” as an exit strategy.

    However, I’ve experienced times when my “Good til Canceled” orders disappear (and don’t get honored).
    That costs profit. Either way, they should be watched.

  7. FIXProtocol says:

    What color Murciélago should I send you? 🙂

    BTW…You are VERY welcome and more to come. Working on Windows 7 Intro and some more technical support stuff. Stay tuned!

  8. flinagin says:

    These video’s are great Mr.carlyle Gordon, much much much appreciated, there so well presented, so easy to understand and so complete (as in they don’t lack information(couldn’t think of the right word to use)), also there not at all a bore to watch, in fact the opposite, just as i was getting tired (it’s 6am) i found these videos, and now I’m wide awake. Thank you very much, can’t wait to watch the others. Keep them coming.

  9. celiegirl08 says:

    You are CUTE!

  10. JimmyFox01 says:

    Thanks, Happy Holidays to you too!

  11. FIXProtocol says:

    You are VERY welcome Mr. JimmyFox! More on the way! Happy Holidays!

  12. JimmyFox01 says:

    Thank you very much Mr.carlyle Gordon!

  13. anil2374 says:

    Tell Auntie Celia about my account.

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