Monday, January 25th, 2016

Stock Trading Any tools available to get volume fluctuations?

Is there any tool on the market to give warnings increased volume of stock on the Nasdaq or the Dow and S & P. If the action? N est? above its average volume which is approximately 400% above average in volume. . . S? It by curiosidad.Gracias.


3 Responses to “Stock Trading Any tools available to get volume fluctuations?”
  1. Matt G says:

    You’ll need to open an account and they have tools that provide that for you.

  2. Max M says:

    First, take 6 months in learning about stocks and trying it out with fake money in a stimulation web site like Yahoo! Finance.

    The stocks you want to focus on is consumer staples, consumer discretionary, and healthcare. These are DEFENSIVE stocks that will survive through good and bad times. Most of my positions are in these stocks. Some names include 3M, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Exxon Mobil, Walmart, Costco. Everybody’s got to eat and wipe their butts regardless of the state of economy. Many of these companies survived through the Great Depression.

    That’s the benefits. You can sleep at night knowing your money is doing well. There are NO guarantees that you won’t lose money. It’s just that these stocks are the best. They pay good dividends too.

    If you’re new to stocks, DON’T DAY TRADE. You’ll a rookie in a world of professionals. I tried day-trading with Citigroup and AIG when they were a little bit over $1. I had some luck at first, making about $30 a day but I was way over my head. My luck didn’t last long and I had to rethink my strategy.

    Besides you can’t do much with $100 in the market. Day trading involves A LOT of commissions to the broker. With all the commissions deducted from each trade, you’ll be lucky if you only lose half your money.

    I would just day trade using Yahoo! Finance. Open a stimulation account, give yourself $100 worth of fake money and play it in the stimulation format. You’ll see what I mean by losing money every easily.

    Good luck.

  3. Teddy says:

    A government report that suggested the economy shrank at a slower pace than feared failed to push stocks higher on a lackluster Friday but indexes managed to end the month on a solid footing, spurred by hopes that the recession is losing its force. The big July saw the Dow Jones industrial average surging 725 points or 8.6% – its best July since 1989, and the broader S&P 500 index gaining 7.4% for its best July run since 1988. The S&P500 has now recorded its most remarkable five-month performance since 1938, holding 46% above its 12-year low set in early March. This morning’s US stock futures indicate a sharply higher opening, helped by positive signs emanating from overseas markets.

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