Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Stock trading classes, excerpt

Bright Trading stock trading classes, excerpts.


7 Responses to “Stock trading classes, excerpt”
  1. laton0 says:

    i found ths nice system


  2. dave997 says:

    shut up faggot

  3. teewoods says:

    No i just make alot of money – living in Bermuda white you live in your shitty texas hahahahaha!

  4. TheTexan77 says:

    damn… your epenis must be enormous. snark snark snark.

  5. teewoods says:

    I feel sorry for these guys – I wish i could take one of them under my wing and show them how to make real money trading. The first thing I would do would access their personality type and then recommend what i think would suit them

    Despite doing a masters in Finance and having degree in maths with 8 years of trading. I only came to my own after doing a masters in pschyo anaysis, I can read the markets better than most people. Pre-empting movments. I see what 99% of traders dont see,

  6. trapD9 says:

    yeah more newbies to exploit!!! come on in guys!!!

  7. HelpaBumOut says:

    Look at all those new sheep waiting to be fleeced j/k
    u think you have room for a bum in your class.
    I dont wana know your electric bill..I dont wanna know your electric bill
    So nice of you all to share your knowlage with young bum traders.

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