Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

stock trading, everyday millions of shares are executed in each stock. Who are trading that many shares & why?

What I really want to know is which? Ntas shares (t? Terms% of daily trading volume) are sold by institutions and why? trade are that many? ? There are long-term investors? ? Qui? Nm? S is the trade and represent cu? Nts% of average daily volume? Hi all, thanks for your replies. S now? much more? s. I’m always fascinated by all these market shares. . . Thanks again to everyone. .


4 Responses to “stock trading, everyday millions of shares are executed in each stock. Who are trading that many shares & why?”
  1. Yardbird says:

    Yea, most of the trading is institutions, and they’re not all long term investors. They are all under enormous pressure to beat the market. A lot of institutions make money from short term trades. Everybody’s trying to beat the market, and that means staying ahead of everybody else. Try to sell before everyone else sells, and buy before everyone else buys. Trading fees are low now, so there’s little penalty for trading a lot.

  2. jeff410 says:

    Daytraders. Hedge funds. Mutual funds, of which there are thousands. Institutional traders trading for their own account. Program trading where they trade against market indexes and buy and sell baskets of stocks automatically based on changes in the indexes.

  3. jebediabartlett says:

    Hedge funds probably” trade” the most…because of the pressure to make better profits than mutual funds..( that’s the big reason their investors invest with them)…mutual funds trade less often but in large quantities…and there are thousands of managers and computers at it every day… then there are pension funds in the mix , too…and finally more and more individuals ( the little guys)
    Time Mag has an article this week about the funds…mentions their holdings in the markets, but not the percentage of everyday trading. ( I think it said they hold about 74% of the equities in the marketplace…way up from say 25 years ago)
    You could probably guess that they do about that percentage of the trades…maybe a little less.

  4. venkataramanan t says:

    ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE. the stock market standards have come down after Internet trading and volatility and swings are very frequent,most of the people think it is the easy route for becoming rich in a short time, slowly people are forgetting the purpose for which the exchanges have come into existence.the purpose is to facilitate A REAL business to mobilize money and give liquidity to stocks and shares

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