Monday, April 11th, 2016

Stock Trading Lesson: Honor Your Stop Losses!!!

This lesson is based of a “real life” trade, and why it is crucial for you to honor your stop losses, even if it ends up being the wrong move in “that” particular situation… In the grand scheme of things, as can be seen in this video lesson, all it takes is a ONE TIME situation where you do not honor your stop loss to completely put a huge hurting on you…


5 Responses to “Stock Trading Lesson: Honor Your Stop Losses!!!”
  1. hartman5555 says:

    good video. I found out the hard way. I didn’t pull out of a loosing trade, i stayed in until it hit bottom then waited patiently the three months until it recovered. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to me again.

  2. tseybold says:

    Good advice.

  3. ClayTrader25 says:

    Good post. You are right, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to put a strategy into place; however, the one thing that ‘does’ matter is honoring your stop loss!

  4. semicomer says:

    very good strategy. I always do that, but I am not a day trader. To me, stop loss is the most important thing for a trader since no one knows what’s the next move. The problem is that how you build your strategy. 2%? 3%? is very hard to determine. For example, I am long on FAZ with a small position of my portfolio as a hedge. Now it’s down about 5%, I still keep it because it’s a tiny loss compare to my portfolio.


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