Monday, August 14th, 2017

Stock Trading Money & Risk Management Software

Stock Trading Money & Risk Management Software for MetaStock data users everywhere. RRP $299 Share trading disciplines made simple for all stock traders and sharemarket investors. Trial it today FREE! Have the peace of mind knowing you are using proven Money Risk Management principles that will help you achieve your financial goals sooner and you can own it today! So many successful traders will tell you Money Management is the single most important issue that must always be addressed to succeed in the share market otherwise you are destined to fail. JBL Risk Manager allows for both Long and Short selling, manage unlimited Multiple Portfolios, allow for Stock Split Adjustment, allows for your brokerage fees and charges, risk tolerance selection, reports on your portfolio performance with average %win/loss, $win/loss, Trade Expectancy, sell alerts and much more, all simple to follow with a detailed Help file. I have also included the Floor Traders Power Pivot price levels for intra-day traders or those wanting to know whether market sentiment is bullish or bearish for the day. A FREE 14 day fully functional trial is now available for you to download today. Remove emotion and the guesswork from your trading decisions. Try it and YOU will wish you had it sooner. It will be one of your best trading decisions. More info and trial download at Trial now available for valued Equis clients at This vital Money

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6 Responses to “Stock Trading Money & Risk Management Software”
  1. pennystock895 says:

    Is anybody get good profit for this software here? Because, I plan to buy this maybe.

  2. busystock says:

    BusyStock dot-com is a free emerging provider of financial service with a distinctive approach.

    The unparalleled stock screener built for traders, with 5 day high/low watch, 20 day high/low watch, ATR, RSI, MFI, MA crossover and more.

    In the meantime, its Earning Release Tracking tool has been the buzz for a long time.

    Also, We follow Pre-Market with a unique powerful Top 100 Stock list.

  3. 3dayssober says:

    seen it yesterday! lets chat


  4. SaturnFlyer2 says:

    As a student of Van Tharp I found the program an excellent tool but more important it seemed to simplified so much and it works. I highly recommend anyone trading shares try it out. I use Metastock data from Equis in the US but understand it is compatible with Metastock format data from any supplier.

  5. PhantomShareTrader says:

    I purchased version 5 6 years ago and this is brilliant not only because the upgrade was free 🙂 This one integrates with my metastock data and allows for short selling. brilliant and huge time saver!

  6. EmmaH007 says:

    As a novice trader I found this program saved me heaps of time and trading like a real professional. I love the simplicity of the Short Selling feature and Trade Expectancy results and much more. Great job

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