Saturday, October 10th, 2015


4 Responses to “Stock Trading Psychology Course Giveaway”
  1. oneclickandclosed says:

    James Dines knows market psycholgy

  2. golfprobro4eagles says:

    Can I ask one qestion. If I was making money in the stock market why would I become a used car salesman and start hawking crap for a living?

  3. piggyparade says:

    Hi Mike! Can’t wait to see what you’ve put together. As a new trader, there are so many people out there that are trying to make a buck off of people like us and we are afraid of scammers. What you’re doing seems to come from your heart and we appreciate that. Will let you know what we think. God bless!

  4. keitheeds says:

    mike – great concept of sharing info that will without a doubt come back around to you in a positive and beneficial way!

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