Monday, June 5th, 2017

Stock Trading Strategies Q&A Session 06/21/09

Mike Swanson of WallStreetWindow goes through some investor questions in this rapid fire Q&A session. For more go to

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5 Responses to “Stock Trading Strategies Q&A Session 06/21/09”
  1. glennmay1 says:

    Thanks Mike, Very helpful.

  2. joewoo127 says:

    ” market ” Hah ! thats a joke , with the advent of computers and 5 second trading its become nothing but a game. I get in , Bam ! make a few hundred or thousand Bam ! see ya’ , I’m out , I don’t hold anything overnight , let alone over a WEEKEND . Thats when the master manipulators behind the scenes can pull off their usual crap . The internet really got rid of a lot of SLEAZEBAG cons on wall street . I don’t watch any of ” their biased shows ” you will really lose on that one BIG ! in and out

  3. bjmccullough says:

    mike j25ack is an asshole…i trade the market and j25 will always be poor…keep up the great work….spot on comments…only like a pro…nikei bruce

  4. bjmccullough says:

    great video mike..i mean great work…from
    .nikei bruce

  5. j25ack says:

    I have a question…..Why would anyone care about your opinion?

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