Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Stock Trading Strategy Fading The Morning Gap Stock Trading Strategy Fading The Morning Gap. This video provides a brief overview of the stock trading strategy known as fading the gap. Warren Buffett once stated, It is easier to create money than it is to spend it. The operative word in this statement is his use of the word create. By create, Buffett does not mean to make or earn money. Creating wealth is not about getting a second job or negotiating a pay raise, although these things can certainly help in the beginning stages of wealth building. Creating wealth is about finding ways to preserve the money you do earn, putting it to proper use, and learning how to develop income sources from outside your normal day job, as discussed in the section above. Warren Buffett created his billion-dollar empire by investing in companies and adding value to their product or service. As a beginning wealth builder you can similarly add value to the enterprises you undertake by producing a better product, marketing your services more effectively, and making wise investments in real estate, stocks, bonds, and intellectual properties.

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