Monday, June 29th, 2015

Stock Trading Strategy Short Euro (EUO) Lance thinks there is still plenty of downside left in the Euro. In this episode, Lance talks about the news that just broke about Fitch downgrading Spain’s debt, the second such downgrade in the last month. If this isn’t bad enough, rumor on the street is that Greece is seriously looking at dumping the Euro and going back to the Drachma standard. The reason is that they could then inflate their way out of debt. That’s the big uproar from many countries on the Euro standard is that they lack the ability to inflate their way out of debt like we do here in the United States. This is a powerful argument and may even cause countries to begin dumping the Euro. But even if countries don’t start dumping the Euro, the Euro is way overvalued to the US dollar. Today it sits at ratio of 1.2 USD equal 1 Euro. I can easily see a return to the 1 to 1 ratio against the US dollar. That’s a 20% move. Lance tells you the best way to play the crisis in Europe and how to directly profit from the demise of the Euro and he performs technical analysis on the ProShares UltraShort Euro ETF (EUO).

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2 Responses to “Stock Trading Strategy Short Euro (EUO)”
  1. ecopower78 says:

    Great info. keep it coming.

    Rufus Cross, CVO
    Cross Global Networks

  2. martialarm says:

    but we all expect the bad news and its somewhat factored in. If PIIGS we taken out the EUR will go up, if Germany removed itself then perhaps your right.

    But with so much bad news already expected then any lessening of bad news may boost the EURO.

    I do see EURO going to par with the dollar but not in the current straight line as it is seen now.

    I took my profits off the table just a few days ago, still holding my anti Ozzie bets.

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