Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Stock trading – where do I start?

I Just Turned 18 A Few weeks ago, and Have That I Would Like DECIDED to Get into the stock market. That There’s I know we like Scott Trade sites out there, but I do not know which one to choose, how to do it, or, well let’s be honest here, anything About trading stocks. I have a part time job, and am not looking to spend every penny on stocks, only a Portion of my pay. Where should I start?


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  1. zman492 says:

    I recommend you start with the Motley Fool’s school at

    That will teach you the basics and some good principles. Just remember that no one source of information gives you totally unbiased information, and that different sources will give different advice. Some people are better at one type of investing than another, so neither has to be wrong when you get conflicting advice.

    I also suggest you look through basic investing books at a large library or bookstore.

  2. AmAn says:

    IF you want to invest in equities, there are only four things you need to remember.

    1. Choose the right company
    Look for superior and profitable growth. The company should earn at least 20% return on its shareholders’ capital.

    Ideally a long-term investment perspective (more than five years) allows you to participate in the company’s growth. At the short end (3-6 months), share performance is driven more by market sentiment and less by company fundamentals. In the long run, the relevance of the right price diminishes.

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    2. Be disciplined
    Stock investing is a long, learning experience. You will make mistakes, but also learn from them. Here is what you can do to ensure a smooth ride.

    –> Diversify your investments. Do not put more than 10 per cent of your corpus in one stock, even if it’s a gem. On the other hand, don’t have too many – they become difficult to monitor. For a passive long long-term investor, 15-20 is a healthy number. Use this asset allocation tool to find out if you need to invest beyond equities.
    –> Research and analyse your company’s performance through quarterly results, annual reports and news articles.
    –> Get a good broker and understand settlement systems
    –> Ignore hot tips. If hot tips really worked, we’d all be millionaires.
    –> Resist the temptation to buy more. Each purchase is a new investment decision. Buy only as many shares of one company, as fits your overall allocation plan.

    3. Monitor and review
    Regularly monitor and review your investments. Keep in touch with quarterly results announcements and update the prices on your portfolio worksheet at least once a week. This is more important during volatile times when there can be great opportunities for value picking!

    Also, review the reasons you earlier identified for buying a stock and check whether they are still valid or there have been significant changes in your earlier assumptions and expectations. And use an annual review process to review your exposure to equity shares within your overall asset allocation and rebalance, if necessary.

    Ideally, revisit the Risk Analyser at every such review because your risk capacity and risk profile could have undergone a change over a 12-month period.

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    4. Learn from your mistakes
    When reviewing, do identify and learn from your mistakes. Nothing beats first-hand experience. Let these experiences register as `pearls of wisdom’ and help you emerge a smarter equity investor.

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  3. Master Tong says:

    First, you get $500. If you don’t have it, save until you do.

    Second, go on to any brokerage account, whether its Scottrade, E-Trade, or Ameritrade, its all the pretty much the same, fill out your information and the account will be activated within minutes.

    Third, transfer $500 from your savings account or checking account into your brokerage account.

    Fourth, search for the symbol “SPY” which basically allows you to own every company in the stock market condensed into a stock.

    Fifth, buy up to $500 worth of “SPY” and continue adding new money each month that you can spare on “SPY”

    It is a great time to buy and good luck.

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