Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Strategic Partnership Between Enfinium And Christopher Street Capital

Enfinium Pty Ltd (Enfinium) is a global provider of financial solutions covering The management? No funds, the execution? No global exchange, the FX margin solutions and Education? N. An extensive market knowledge with an s? Lida understandable? N of the customer base needs, goals and objectives allows the team to identify solutions spec? Ficas trade and ideas of investors? N for both existing customers investors and distributors. Enfinium has developed relationships with major Australian banks that hold client funds Enfinium. This creates a sophisticated environment where traders can execute with a high level of comfort and confidence. MetaTrader Enfinium infrastructure used to provide premium services trade in l? Line including real-time quotes, an? Lysis t? Technician and financial news. Enfinium has entered into an association? N strategically? GICA with Christopher Street Capital, a division? N GFI Securities LLC, to distribute the product throughout the network MetaTrader GFI Group. Through? S on your platform, GFI eFX Access MetaTraderSM, Christopher Street Capital offers customers access to trade FX spot in some of the institutional price m? S competitive in today’s market in an environment? Minimum in Part m? s popular software in the world of negotiation? n currency. Christopher Street Capital was founded in 2003 to provide foreign exchange brokerage, equity and fixed income. Foreign exchange markets arm of its services under the GFI eFX AccessSM from its offices in Tokyo, Singapore, London and New York. GFI Group is a provider l? Der brokerage wholesale, trading solutions and market data services in a multitude of products over-the-counter products and cash in fixed income, commodity and financial shares .

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