Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Swing Trading Fibonacci Time Zones

Using fibonacci levels is most often done in relation to price, but it can be used for time as well. Works with day trading, swing trading, stock trading, forex, futures, eminis, etc.


26 Responses to “Swing Trading Fibonacci Time Zones”
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  2. Serrokot says:

    It doesn’t work there is a mathematical proof.

  3. CrunkBeatz87 says:

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  4. patfarlow says:

    did you say gam box?
    is that in TOS also?

  5. 3333kevin says:

    what kind of software were you using to chart???

  6. register2pfr says:

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  7. karnak472 says:

    I’m using Investools and my fib time series doesn’t look anything like yours. Yours makes sense mine doesn’t are you familiar with investools platform? Is there something I’m missing?

  8. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

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  9. FreeFOREXautoROBOT says:

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  10. rick9565 says:

    The wick counts. Computerized trading systems will recognize the extreme and use it. Run fibs with that wick.

  11. i0am0a0daytrader says:

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  12. afqawq says:

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  13. InfiniteUniverse88 says:

    I bet this software didn’t predict the recession.

  14. PerpetualFire says:

    I can see how fib works on forex because people use it for trading. On the other hand, S&P is a composite average of stocks which should in theory not work with fibonacci on supply and demand of the index itself. And fibonacci is not universally applied to every stock. If it works on what you’re trading, use it. Amazing method, yeah I reckon it is.

  15. jimbo59153 says:

    BOOOM! 6:38

  16. coreyk123 says:

    then use ticks instead of time charts

  17. Fullperson says:

    do fib time zones work because people use it? Or is it because for some amazing method, it works?

  18. AdamSlowHandSmith says:

    As far as tails:

    It comes down to luck of the draw, IMO.

    Imagine that you’re looking at 1 min charts, and the price actually printed at the low when the time period closed. In that case, it wouldn’t leave a tail, but a whole candlestick. That fact alone might influence the market to drop the price even lower, so it’s all about timing and luck of the draw. I generally don’t buy UNLESS the prior time period printed with a favorable candlestick; too risky for a print to turn before it closes

  19. roketman5775 says:

    Good information. I agree with Barry that the real body of the candle is the real market. The higher and lower shadows (wicks) are the extremes. Steve Nison’s books teach this. Market makers run prices down to hit stop loss orders and they run it up to extremes to hit the Shorts stop loss orders. The people buying at highs and selling at lows might not be the most sophisticated traders/investors. Thanks for the free videos, Barry.

  20. networx21 says:

    Good video on the time zones, but I have to disagree with you on the wicks. The fact that price was there at one point is very beneficial to see what happens when price comes again to that point. Although it rejects that price for the time being, it certainly creates a new mark for future support to be possibly breached.

  21. housechores says:

    Cool stuff. I have been using Sharpcharts – free version – maybe it’s time to pay the money. :)

  22. trader3314 says:


  23. penis3307 says:

    Whats your opinion on the efficient market hypothesis?

  24. mlmHeavyHitter says:

    phsplaya4242, My favorite advanced charting program is NeoTicker from TickQuest.

  25. phsplaya4242 says:

    good stuff, what advanced trading platform would you recommend?


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