Sunday, December 17th, 2017

This is a potential trade setup .. I explained in detail in my Daily Update video on my Members site. Had you watched the Daily Update video you would have been ready to take advantage of the trade. Trial FREE for 7 days NO CC or Debit Card info Required completely free NO obligation […]

Hey everybody, for this presentation I continue with our Cable analysis that we started on Tuesday. Lots of Fibonacci and multiple timeframe use today. I hope you enjoy the video and good luck!! David Pegler Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK SEPTEMBER 14TH 2010 FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK APRIL 29TH 2010 FOREX VIDEO […]

Hi everyone! The Asian preview for Monday is an update on the pound (may as well while it is producing for us) and a new look at the EUR/JPY and the possibility of some downside action. Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – ASIAN OUTLOOK NOVEMBER 18TH 2009 FOREX VIDEO – ASIAN OUTLOOK NOVEMBER 9TH 2009 FOREX […]

We trade the EURO/USD in a quiet market but take 44 pips out of it. See what we do here. Related Posts: Exact Trading take +90 and +103 pips from the Forex market FOREX VIDEO – EURPOEAN OUTLOOK OCTOBER 16TH 2009 Exact Trading Forex Review of the EURO/USD 4th November Exact Trading Forex Review Monday […]

Hi everybody, for todays video I take a fairly wide view of the Pound and try to build an intraday trade plan. In addition I also take a brief look at the USD Yen. Good luck and enjoy!! David Pegler Related Posts: FOREX VIDEO – EUROPEAN OUTLOOK FEBRUARY 25TH 2010 FOREX VIDEO – EURPOEAN OUTLOOK […]

Hi everyone, for todays presentation I build on yesterdays Pound related analysis. I take a look at the Pound USD and Pound Yen. I have put together a few conservative trade plans. I am looking for some pullbacks to dynamic support on a daily and 4 hr level. Have a safe weekend, and I hope […]