Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Is this market worse than the market during the Great Depression? Find out in this video. Brought to you by, your source for free videos on stock trading and technical analysis tips and techniques.

While we had a fair amount of trade plans during today’s pre-London and London session, in this video I focus entirely on one particular GBP/JPY short trade plan that ended up a nice 130′ish pip trade for about 22 pips of risk. In this video we take a look at how something seemingly as small […]

As London opened today, we already had a solid drop on the GBP/USD taking place ever since the NY session yesterday. We had a fantastic series of lower high’s and lower low’s ever since Asia. In this video I break down in great detail how we identified what very much looks like a head & […]

After some quick pre-London pips we found ourselves in a precarious position on the GBP/USD as the London session opened 3am EST. While cable was rising, and paying off on some longs after bouncing on the previous day’s 61.8 Fibonacci level, it was fast approaching the 1.51 area where we also had an overlapping 38.2 […]

Pre-London today finally began the bullish British Pound/USD move off support that the 4hour MACD divergence had predicted over the last couple of days, breaking a very definable price trap. Following this break however, we did not enjoy a pullback to the breakout point like we usually do. This unfortunately left some of the more […]

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As we expected, the dollar stayed on track and made further gains. Data out of the EU and the US put pressure on short dollar positions and a flight to safety continued, along with declining equity prices. Durable Goods Orders and New Home Sales out of the US came in below expectations; fundamentally this would […]

In the vid I explain how I traded the news from us on friday and got -10 pips loss. I also explain why I did not trade on thursday. Related Posts: Forex Analysis for the Week Ahead 15th November 2009 forex signals Exact Trading Forex review 5th November 2009 Forex – EUR/USD – Daily Analysis […]

Were looking for dollar bulls to give up tonight and allow the dollar continue its slide. We are confident that the next 24 hours may be the push weve been looking for. Yesterdays comments out of Fitch Ratings in regards to the UK possibly being the first to lose their AAA sovereign rating sent the […]

Hey everyone, today is a unique video in that Im posting it significantly earlier than I typically do, in addition to my normal analysis I also respond to an email question regarding my daily trading routine and approach. Perhaps this is of some interest to you. Along with this discussion I outline a conservative Cable […]