Monday, January 22nd, 2018

August 30th 2011 If you’re interested in my trading system, contact me with any questions. • Contact: • • http • This video is of “paper trades”, no real capital was used. I make free educational day trading…

Hi Folks To get the week started, I would like to start by looking a gap trading, what I think could come in to play at the start of this week. This is due mainly the Bernanke speech last Friday done at a time when Eastern European and Asian markets were closed. I am hoping […]

Yesterdays trades ran for 100-200+ pips depending on your entry The GBPUSD had a nice run yesterday. It has all had enough of a pull back over the late New York session that we have three nice possible trade entrys.Please take a few minutes to view the following video for the trade setups that we […]