Sunday, December 17th, 2017

The stock has broken all supports today. The 21 day moving average and now the 50% Fibonacci retracemnet levels not shown in video. The uptrend from the reversal of 11/16 is now broken to the downside. AAPL failed to capture the 200 day moving average in this Fiscal Cliff fiasco and lost momentum to the […]

AAPL has been on the move and has come up to 590 where it is trying to go up against its 200 day moving average at 598.  AAPL is now forming an ascending triangle as with the chart above. That is intraday and bullish in nature. We intend to continue with AAPL till 650 or […]

The down trend in AAPL continues. The stock hit its 200 day moving average twice already but there is no sharp bounce. Part of the reason is the market has been shut down for 2 days in row due the storm Sandy. New York where the hub of trading lies has been dead and underwater. […]

The market awaited AAPL’s earning with so much nervousness. The stock stalled 2 days ago and the buying dried up. Usually AAPL moves up during earnings and the run up and euphoria towards a great earnings report is always bidding investors for higher prices. This time with the market in correction there was no euphoria […]

I have been so busy with this earnings seasons, have not spent much time writing. Making our money the old fashioned was- trading. Trading has been intense and sometimes downright brutal. Earnings season is  gift from heaven and the exploitation of trades and opportunities that it provides.  Many traders just make a whole bunch of […]