Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

All bad markets are followed by good markets, time and again. It can be the end of it if they didn’t. Those tall beautiful skyscrapers in lower Manhattan with people bustling in and out with massive lobbies and gold plated handles would be empty. The stock market is what pays for that lifestyle of power […]

Apple has been on tear. Literally it tore from a base in March  around 80 and ran up to 170 as of yesterday. That is a 90 point gain in just under 6 months. Those of you who played AAPL earnings and held AAPL throughout its upward trajectory into the right hand side of the chart […]

The month came in like a Lion and went out like a lamb. Net effect not much. Markets are trading in a range after stock markets major declines from last year, building confidence, and a floor, perhaps from where markets may launch higher. There was no shortage of bad new all month long. Lots of bad […]