Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

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Options Trading Education, Market Analysis For Dec 23, 2010 and a look at current positions and two new positions. Video 1 of 5.

Brush my teeth with a bottle of jack and hit the door…I ain’t coming back. (The word ” moning” is actually morning for all of  you spell freaks).Yes that’s what the bears do every “moning” getting up and running down the stocks for a few hours feeling empowered, till the “Pohlice shuts them down, down […]

The market has been very strong lately. Going higher everyday non stop. Many stocks have formed nice bases to launch from and go higher. The unemployment figures came out with 162,000 jobs added this time. That will propel the market even higher from here. We are looking at 11,000 on DJIA and SPX at 1200 […]

Yes that is a beast, a stock, and a monster stock, a mover and account killer at the same time. Those of you familiar trading this beast you know this has been a great year for you. Last year touching this stock the wrong way meant getting your account banned from trading if you were […]

This is a bull market and it can upset all the weak of heart traders and bears. The market has been extremely overbought in the past few weeks , yet it keeps going higher inch by inch and has shown no signs of pullback. At least we should see some drop somewhere, because nothing goes […]

I am happy to see 2008 coming to a close. The year is over almost, not yet though at the time of this post. Oh what a year this has been. I cannot recall another horrific year since 1992 when George Bush Sr was President and the economy collapsed and a young new face named […]

Index options trading, stock market trading, options strategies all have substantial risks at the moment Dow sank another 504 points and NASDAQ went down 108 points in the usual manner as they do these days. We are now in full fledged bear territory. The markets showed no signs of recovery and what ever they gained […]