Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Dan Sheridan of CBOE fame coined the phrase ” Time Bomb Butterfly” few years ago. Now its like a normal phrase on the Internet. I get get asked all the time do you trade any time bomb butterflies ? Yes we do, in fact we learned the ” craft” from Dan Sheridan in many ways. […]

This is a RUT Butterfly trade for Dec options expiring on Dec 18 th. Please don’t use options earlier than those as the trade risk /reward changes.  The B/E points are 735 and 785. If RUT starts closing beyond those points the trade needs to be closed for small losses. RUT is very strong and […]

RUT has broken above its ceiling of 605 and the upper trendline and may go higher soon. Due to lack of participation, $SPX  is still stuck under its upper channel and have not been able to justify another run up like RUT did this week. In fact this lack of participation of SPX that is  […]