Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

What the heck is Time Bomb Butterfly ? Have you heard about this before ? Not if you have not watched Dan Sheridan of CBOE and his classical videos. Time Bomb Butterfly is a speculative trade , usually a directional bet and if you are right it pays you back 7 x to 10 x […]

GS stock has been on tear  going up  50% in last few weeks. Going from 73 on March 9, 2009  to 119 in on April 6, 2009 ! That’s a more than two standard deviation move. Something quite unusual that we donot see quite often. We had been constantly trading GS in our members area […]

Closed  call side of RUT IRON CONDOR. RUT is down 16.31 today. Now the risk is on the downside. BUY RUT 810 SEPT CALLS SELL RUT 820 SEPT CALLS NET DEBIT= 0.15      Net profit =0.40                     Yield =0.4/5= 8 % Initial Trade : SELL RUT 810 SEPT CALLS BUY RUT 820 SEPT CALLS    NET CREDIT= $0.55             Iron Condor total […]