Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

The above is display chart of the trade when it was placed. Its has changed quite a bit now,because the stock ran up 25-30 points over the holidays. Happy New Year. Our FREE trade posted here on this site few days ago below is now closed. The stock ran up 30 points over the holidays, […]

There are many ways to skin a cat. Some option traders take no sides, they chose to fight battles they can win and win by a great probability on their side. Why risk money on directional trades like buying stock? Buying stocks is inherent with downside risk and one mistake and it all ends in […]

This is a mild money maker, trying to make 20%-30% on the investment of 6.85 and get out. Its called Guerilla  Calendar nicknamed by Dan Sheridan of CBOE  fame [Content protected for Gold members only] 6 BENIFITS TO SUBSCRIBING TODAY 1.High probability of success with customized trades 2.Lower risk than stock trading or outright options […]

Last 2 weeks we publicly posted few free trades on this site. There was a reason for that. A very simple reason indeed. How much money our trades make? Whats our trading record? We decided to do it publicly, and we can now show you, how its done.  Check the prices than and now as of today’s close June […]

How to trade calendar spread for income. IWM is a great vehicle for professional income traders.

1.NDX  IRON CONDOR – 93% probability - Is doing great and is very safe -time decay is  taking its toll on the spreads. 2. RUT BULL PUT SPREAD – 97% probability  and has more than 30 % profits, and is very safe at the moment. Remember we closed calls side for 0.15 taking profits when RUT dipped […]

August 8th , 2008 What a lucky day with all eights in the date! After successfully closing all trades on IWM for profits, here is the new trade with just one week to go. This will gather theta in 4 trading days and if the index stays around 73.5 area should yield some good results, […]

A credit spread is a limited risk strategy. Your risk is predefined and your reward limited. A spreader is a risk aversed trader who is using probabilities to profit from the markets. A credit spread is a net credit to your account that involves buying one option and selling another option at a different strike. Option […]