Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Although E-intermediation? N est in India? yet? to in its initial phase, with a BILLING? n daily around Rs. 10 million rupees, they are up as? as 1% of the BILLING? No gross BSE and NSE combined, linked to an estimated Rs. 9,000 to Rs. Rs 10,000 million d? A. From now on d? A […]

GM stock has been recently decimated. Is there an option trading strategy to profit from this situation? The overall trend has been down, but has it hit the bottom and if so, what is the option strategy? Video explores trading September calls, or buying January call options for a longer term strategy. Also explores the […]

The second part of the option trading strategy series exploring opportunity with GM. Exploring more in depth the concept of selling a naked put with the striking price of $10. Breakeven at $9.30, another option trading strategy is the credit spread, selling one option and buying another, removing the risk of the naked option and […]

This is the post crash analysis. Its not over till its over. The market is gyrating with high readings on $VIX and spooking investors all over. Wall Street is bracing for the biggest financial reform since 1930s and the battle is being fought on the Senate Floor for its quick passage. Obama administration is trying […]